AG Curtis Hill meets with President Trump and other leaders during White House event celebrating Black History Month

Attorney General Curtis Hill spent Tuesday evening with President Donald Trump and other leaders at a White House reception celebrating Black History Month. Besides the President and First Lady, others at the event included Vice President Mike Pence, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and Surgeon General Jerome Adams.

“I was honored to be invited by the President and First Lady to this occasion,” Attorney General Hill said. “I appreciated President Trump’s eloquence in expressing gratitude for the roles of black Americans in making America great. Moving forward, I hope and pray for the President’s success in leading our nation toward a future of unity and equal opportunity for all Americans.”

At the East Room reception, the President paid homage to black Americans whose work throughout history has promoted progress.

“This vision of freedom, equality and dignity lives in the heart of every American patriot,” the President said. “And just like so many African Americans throughout our history who have struggled and sacrificed for freedom, we must do our part to make that vision real for every single American.”

SOURCE: News release from the Office of Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill