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Indiana State Police conclude Colorado visit to investigate Delphi murder tip

Delphi, IN – Thus far, the Indiana State Police, with assistance from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department, the FBI and many other police agencies have followed up on thousands of tips related to the murders Abigail Williams and Liberty German.  Of these tips well over a hundred have included references to specific persons, some of which included photos.  Each and every tip has been – and will continue to be – thoroughly investigated to determine any connection to the Delphi murder investigation.

Of the many tips being actively investigated, one tip was referred to the Indiana State Police about a person arrested in El Paso County, Colorado.  This person, identified as Daniel Nations, was initially arrested by Colorado law enforcement on Sept. 25th and was later referred to ISP on Sept. 29th for follow-up as a potential suspect in the Delphi double murder investigation.

As earlier stated, each and every tip is thoroughly investigated, as was this tip, which resulted in two ISP detectives traveling to El Paso County, Colorado to comprehensively evaluate the circumstances of this tip.  While the Indiana State Police does not, as a matter of practice, provide investigative information about specific tips, an exception has been made in this instance the result of numerous media inquiries made about this particular tip.

The Indiana State Police can share, that thus far, there has been no information developed to specifically include or exclude Daniel Nations as a suspect in the Delphi homicides.  Both state police detectives returned to Indiana late afternoon of October 2nd and will continue to review information gathered over the course of their visit to El Paso County, Colorado.  Mr. Nation does continue to be in custody of Colorado law enforcement personnel for local charges totally unrelated to the Delphi investigation. It is important to note the Indiana State Police is very grateful for assistance rendered by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

The Indiana State Police wants to remind all citizens and media, we are still actively seeking tip information related to the Delphi murders.  To ensure tips are received and assigned for investigation it is important tips are referred to either 844-459-5786 or to this email address:

Someone, somewhere has information related to the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German.  With the latest media attention to this investigation, we remain hopeful those with information we seek will be moved to come forward with information that will help solve these murders.

More information, including the voice recording clip of the person believed responsible for these murders, is available on the Indiana State Police website AT THIS LINK.

SOURCE: News release from Indiana State Police