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Trail Safety Fundraising in Delphi

Pictured: Joanne Germond, Julia Leahy, Jake Adams, Chief Steve Mullins, Mayor Shane Evans, Karen McCoy (with NIPSCO) and Dan McCain

The public has a special opportunity to support trail safety in Delphi before August 30 with a dollar for dollar match. Until then the crowdfunding program developed by the Trail Safety Task Force of Delphi Historic Trails will remain open for continued contributions. The goal of public contributions amounting to $50,000 will be matched by $50,000 from the state agency of Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA).

“We are looking for all donations—big and small. Ten dollars is not too small to be important. The Task Force has an extensive program to improve trail safety on the Delphi Historic Trails. We’d like for many more people to become aware of the program and make a donation as an affirmation for our trail system,” said Jake Adams chairman of the Trail Safety Task Force.
To make a contribution a donor can go to the Patronicity crowdfunding website by simply googling Delphi Historic Trails Safety and Security or searching on Facebook with the same word phrase. Checks are also accepted when made out to the Wabash & Erie Canal Association and specifically designated for “trail safety” or “trail funds” by writing this on the check. All donations are tax deductible.

Several large donations have been made. The latest comes from NIPSCO for $10,000, which was announced August 4. NIPSCO public relations director Karen McCoy emphasized that the company was very interested in promoting public safety and helping improve the Delphi trails. Previously Security Federal Savings Bank and Carrol White REMC have each donated $10,000.

The Trail Safety Task Force will have a booth at the annual Old Settlers street fair in Delphi. Members of the task force will explain the trail safety program and hand out maps of Delphi’s trail system. The plan for placing identifying posts every tenth of a mile for 9-1-1 emergency calls is close to implementation. These markers will be on every trail. Other aspects of the trail safety program focus on trailheads and entry points with the use of cameras, lighting, public Wi-Fi, informational kiosks and further development of the new public plazas at trail entry points. The Old Settlers booth will be open from 4 to 9 pm on Thursday, August 10 and from 6 to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday.

“Lighting is a top priority around entry points,” said Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby, a member of the task force. The trails are closed to public use after dark, but good lighting at entrances greatly helps law enforcement patrols and allows for more effective use of cameras.

The grant is sponsored by IHCDA’s “CreatINg Places” program for Indiana, which includes an emphasis on “the creation of new public spaces and community places” by “taking advantage of unique placemaking assets in each community.” The Delphi security improvements will be made at established locations, such as Riley Park, City Park, Trailhead Park and the Blue Bridge area, and also at the new plazas along the Monon High Bridge Trail near Freedom Bridge. At this last location the nearby parking area and Bicentennial Plaza, currently under construction, exemplify the “placemaking” promoted by IHCDA.

Delphi’s trails have gotten considerable state and national attention since the horrific murders of Libby German and Abby Williams on February 13. Sympathy and support have streamed in from around the country.

“We chose this grant opportunity as a way for people around the country, who have expressed an interest in helping, to get involved,” stated Julia Leahy, a task force member.
For more information call Jake Adams at (765) 432 -4224 or Julia Leahy at (765) 564 – 6757.